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Apollo's first Halloween "in service"


Both kids were completely engrossed in Halloween this year.  We trick or treated with Cameron leading the way and then returned to our house to pass out candy.  The kids (and Apollo) were all pirates this year.  Well, at least everybody was for pictures two weeks earlier, then again at school for their Halloween party.  But when it came time to get dressed to go out trick or treating, Cameron announced that he had already been a pirate twice this year and it was time to be something else now.  So upstairs he went to the children's dress up trunk to obtain a new costume for the night.  He returned with a Spiderman costume and a smile.  Later that night he was ever so pleased to answer the door and discover another little Spiderman out trick or treating at our house and Cameron loaded up the little boy's bag with candy.

Treatment Updates

We had a follow up appointment with the nurse at Dr Usman's office.  While Cameron's doing well, his labs are showing that his methylation cycle is still not working efficiently and he is showing physical signs of sulfur sensitivity (bruising on his legs, broken capillaries on his face and pink lines around his eyes).  Therefore, appropriate changes were made to his protocol during this appointment.  For Cameron this meant eliminating Lipoceutical Glutathione and adding Vitamin K2.

When making changes I only implement one change at a time and space each out by at least four days.  The first change we made was to delete the Lipoceutical Glutathione from his protocol.  Immediately we saw a difference; but it was not a positive one.  Cameron began scripting again.  This is something that he has not done in many months.  He also began spiking extreme highs and lows and having daily meltdowns (which we haven't seen since August).  I decided to begin placing him back on the Lipoceutical Glutathione slowly to determine if we could find a lower acceptable dose that would work.  However, we ended up back to the dosing schedule we were on before we deleted it a week earlier.

I notified Dr Usman's office of our problems with the Lipoceutical Glutathione deletion.  While Cameron's body is in need of the Glutathione supplementation, it seems that the Lipoceutical form is compromising the CBS gene mutation that we know Cameron has (we discovered this when we had a genetics panel completed over the summer).   We were instructed to try switching the form of Glutathione we were using (oral or nebulized instead of the Lipoceutical) and increase his Vitamin K2.  I apprehensively made the change (fearing regression again) and was elated to find that the oral (capsule form) Glutathione gave Cameron the support his body was needing.  After a few weeks I also noted that the bruising, redness and broken capillaries all appeared to be clearing up as well.

We finally received a proper test for the Measles Virus.  The lab had to draw this test three separate times.  The first time the sample was "insufficient."  The second time the lab ran the wrong test on the sample.  The third time was the charm I guess.  Poor Cam!  We weren't surprised at all to find that his Measles titers were high (meaning he has measles living or harbored within him somewhere; most likely his intestines since that is where it has been found over and over again in children who are scoped).  Since the lab had messed up the test on two previous occasions; by the time we had this third sample drawn Cameron had already moved forward on antiviral treatments.  This appears to be reflected in this lab since his titers were not quite as high as his Rubella and HepB titers were several months before this treatment.  This is a good sign as it leads us to believe that this protocol is working well for him.  We will rerun all of his titers again at a later date to confirm that the numbers are headed down and look for a "normal" range before discontinuing his antiviral protocol.

We also reviewed Cameron's last metal toxic tests.  These were done after his first DMPS suppository challenge last month.  His labs showed a good pull of mercury.  However, given his previously discussed sulfur issues we have decided to delay anymore DMPS challenges for now.

We did notice something quite remarkable during this DMPS challenge.  But first I must give you a little background on the properties of mercury.  Mercury is a metal that tends to sit in the tips of appendages.  It often lays in the tips of fingers and toes.  Our DAN had us begin applying some of his transdermal DMPS to his hands (he was chewing his fingers), feet (he was chewing his toes) and cheeks (he is very orally sensitive) to attempt to pull the mercury that may have been sitting in his fingers, toes and lips.  Within a week he began chewing his fingers and toes less often and began accepting food textures that he previously wouldn't (even lasagna!).  

Within 15 minutes of placing the rectal DMPS suppository Cameron was pulling at his penis.  I asked him if he had to use the restroom and he said "no, my penis hurts!"  He complained of pain in his penis all that day and the following day.  I took him to our family doctor for a UTI test to rule out an infection.  It came back clear and she stated "maybe you just pulled a lot (in the last challenge)."  I discussed this with another mom using suppositories and she said her son complains that his penis tickles the day of and day after a suppository challenge. 

Now, we know that Cameron had neuropathy in his genitals.  And given the properties of Mercury it makes sense that since it sits in the tips of other appendages that it would also migrate to the end of the penis as well.  Since Cameron has not had problems with his penis hurting during any other type of chelation challenge and has had even larger metal pulls before; it appears that the DMPS suppository had helped to chelate the mercury that was sitting in his penis in the same manner that the TD-DMPS was able to pull mercury from his fingers, toes and lips when placed on or near those regions.   

We also received the official go ahead on Hyperbaric Treatment (HBOT) from Dr Usman this month.  We were awaiting the Fall DAN Conference where research regarding HBOT was being presented to the DAN Think Tank prior to beginning treatment ourselves.  After hearing and discussing these presentations, our doctor has decided to have Cam begin in a soft chamber.  Now that we have the all clear; I shall have more news to come after we begin next month.



Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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