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Disney Again

We took the kids on an unexpected trip to Disney last month.  We had been intending to go in the Fall.  However, when my husband and I finally found a moment to sit down and log into our timeshare account to plan our family vacation for October, we discovered that we had neglected to bank our timeshare points in December and that they were set to expire in 3 weeks if we didn't use them.  So off to Disney we went.

While Disney is generally a happy place, and even under the worse circumstances it is lovely.  Cameron had a very difficult time this trip.  He had already been struggling still (since the mercury exposure at school), and the air travel (which results in the opposite effect of HBOt treatment and instead starves the brain of oxygen and also has an innate increased exposure to environmental toxins) only made everything more difficult for him.  But we did get to spend some time together as a family along with the children's grandparents and great-grandmother which was wonderful.

Another Road Trip

After this last trip to Disney, we resolved that as long as we could manage the time, we would be driving anywhere we needed to take Cameron.  So this month we loaded up the minivan headed north to Chicago for our annual visit to see Cam's DAN doctor in Illinois.

It has been almost four months since Cam's mercury exposure from the broken fluorescent bulb at his school.  He continues to struggle today.  He is still emotionally unstable, hyper and unable to sleep (falling asleep between 1-2 am each night and then waking frequently until he is up for the day at 8 am).  His skin tone is gray/pale and he complains daily of pain.

We reviewed all of the lab work that was ordered with Cam's DAN doctor.  Coincidently we had run the same labs in February just before the bulb broke and had reviewed those with the doctor only 3 days before the incident.  

In February...
~ our doctor was using the word "recovered" to describe Cameron.
~ Cam's labs were showing that Cameron's methylation and Krebs cycles were working appropriate with little or no support.
~  The only issues we were still needing to address with Cameron were bacterial infections, vaccine titers and oral neuropathy (nerve damage in his mouth that was especially affecting his speech articulation).

This month Cameron's lab work indicated that his methylation cycle and Krebs cycles are no longer functioning appropriately.  The lab documented that Cameron's Krebs cycle is currently blocked by heavy metals (specifically Mercury) in 6 of the 7 pathways.  

The doctor reworked Cameron's protocol (daily supplements and chelation schedule) based on Cam's lab work and physical exam.  The doctor had an IV administered, which now also included DMPS for mercury chelation, before we left the office.  We collected urine again for six hours and have sent it off to the lab to find if this new IV cocktail was able to pull the mercury from Cameron's body more efficiently.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that we can get our son back again quickly.

Elliott update

In my last journal entry I had shared with you a link to video footage of our friends' child who had regressed into Autism after being exposed to the mercury from the broken fluorescent light bulb at our children's school.  I am happy to share with you that he is finally able to speak again after more than 3 months of silence.  While he still has a long way to go in his recovery, he has for now regained his voice and he and his parents are working hard to reverse all of the damage that has been done.


Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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