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A Brand New Year

Happy New Year!  We are only a few weeks in and have much to report already.  Christmas was fabulous.  The children were well, excited and ever so present for the holidays.  

We began HBOT the day after Christmas.  We began with the recommended protocol of twice a day seven days a week for 40 "dives."  I would be the one to dive with him.  While a child may dive alone, we felt it was best for someone to be with Cam.  The process includes pressurizing the chamber (about 5 minutes) then staying in while fully pressurized for one hour, then depressurizing (another 5-10 minutes).  Our concern was that this was a long time for Cameron to be alone and we would have to sit right outside the chamber anyhow to supervise anyhow.  We were also concerned that Cam would try to unzip the chamber while it was pressurized and harm his ears.

I began tasting plastic immediately after the first dive.  By the fourth dive I was becoming pretty sick.  I still had the "plastic" taste in my mouth, was nauseas and everything I put in my mouth came back out as liquid within minutes.

Cameron seemed to be handling it much better.  He was slightly constipated but that quickly turned around after seeing his therapist for IMT (Integrated Manual Therapy).  Otherwise he was doing beautifully.  Immediately his speech began to boom.  Especially while we were in the chamber.  From the first dive Cameron talked almost endlessly while we were in the chamber.  His articulation was clearer (even in the loud atmosphere of the chamber) and he wanted to discuss everything.  We also noted that his recall memory improved drastically.  He began prompting conversations about things that had occurred more than a year ago and that we were not even sure he had been aware of or remembered.  He also began answering questions about his day such as "what did you do in school today?" and "what was your favorite thing that you did in therapy today?"  These were long awaited and very exciting developments.

Socially Cameron continues to improve.  He focuses primarily on imaginative play at home with his sister now.  A stark change from his previous isolative and electronic focused play (i.e. computer or video games).  He loves his gym and ice skating class as well as school.  His competitiveness has remained an issue but even this has become less of an obstacle in recent weeks.

After eighteen dives I was terribly sick.  Daddy went in with Cameron for dive nineteen.  Not surprisingly, Daddy was sick within minutes of emerging from his first dive with Cam.  Everything we know so far, points to the fact that Daddy is even more genetically challenged than Cameron is.  Having not addressed any of his own toxin and genetics issues yet; Daddy was not prepared for the HBOT.  So we decided (along with our doctor) to take a break so that Mommy could get back on her feet and then begin again slowly with appropriate support.  

One week later, I was feeling much better.  I added some supplements (including antioxidants, milk thistle and glutathione) to my own daily routine and Cameron and I began diving again on a slower schedule.  We started with once every other day and moved to a once a day schedule after a week without any ill effects.  We intend to work our way back to twice a day.

The good news is that Cameron did not show any regression of the progress he made when we took our unexpected break from HBOT.  We are greatly looking forward to seeing what the next weeks and months bring to Cameron and our family as we move forward with treatment.


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Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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