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January has proven to be a roller coaster month for us.  Since finishing the program through the Sensory Learning Center and beginning a prescription chelator last month, Cameron has shown some great progress as well as some significant regression.  We were told to expect this, but it has been very difficult to watch and heart-wrenching.

Cameron has made tremendous progress with his eye contact, spontaneous speech and pronunciation.  He even grabs my head and makes me look into his eyes when he speaks to me.   He speaks to us a lot.  He is telling us his wants and needs in full sentences without prompting, describing things in his environment and even cracking a few jokes.

He's taking an interest in potty training.  We seem to have overcome many of the obstacles we have been addressing regarding potty training for more than two years.  He is now interested, can verbally tell us his needs, and has overcome his sensory issues related to potty training.  He is so eager to be a "big boy" now.  However, we are realizing that he doesn't seem to be able to tell if he has to go or when he has gone.  Sometimes he indicates that he needs to "potty" but when he gets to the restroom he can't.  Other times he goes in his pull up and doesn't seem to notice that he has gone.  And sometimes when we anticipate that he may need to go, he goes in the potty, but appears to be surprised that something is coming out of him as if he can't feel it but can only see it.  We've come to realize that the neuropathy that has affected other parts of his body (because of the mercury poisoning) has also affected his genitals and is our remaining obstacle.  We have already been addressing neuropathy in general through some of Cam's protocols.  However, I have decided to change our routine in the FIR sauna and have him go into the sauna without a diaper to allow the FIR rays to assist in drawing toxins out of his affected genital region as well as the rest of his body.  It appears to be helping.  Cameron appears to be having increased sensation in his genital region.

With all of his progress has also come some tremendous regression.  We are seeing stimming and OCD behaviors that we thought were long gone.  He has also lost some of his fine motor skills that he had attained in recent months.  We've been reassured that this regression is to be expected.  As we begin to pull toxins and heavy metals out of his organ systems, back into his blood stream and out of his body we are "muddying the waters again," and so old behaviors that we thought were gone are back again temporarily as we heal his body.  Even though we understand this intellectually, emotionally it has been a tremendous challenge for us to witness.

We understand that with chelation comes risk (although we feel not anymore risk than leaving the heavy metals in his body).  We have been monitoring Cameron's health closely as we continue.  Cameron became a bit yellow or jaundice after beginning chelation.  We had our family physician run a liver panel on Cam to make sure his liver was handling the extra burden of toxins and metals coming through it.  Twenty-four hours later the test results returned to us with no abnormalities and we were given the all clear to continue chelation.

One of the things we've noticed as Cameron began chelation was the horrible odor he now has.  While some of his supplements have given him the worst smelling breath you could ever imagine, the chelator has changed the odor of his stools.  We knew to expect a sulfur smell to his breath, body and stools from the glutathione that he takes orally and transdermally.  However, since beginning chelation his stools now actually smell like rust!  We aren't scheduled to run our next metals tests until March, but this new odor (along with Cam's progress and regression symptoms) has us firmly believing that we indeed are pulling metals from Cam.  I am thankful that Cameron is so young while he is going through this treatment.  Not only because it increases his odds of a full recover, but also because I imagine an older child may receive greater peer resistance to the odors that appear to go hand in hand with bio-medical treatment.  

We also had an ARD meeting scheduled at Cameron's school this month.  Long story short...after three hours of conversing and disagreeing, the meeting was "tabled" and we are scheduled to come back in February when the OT department can meet with us and hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement.  Although we had several items to address during this ARD, we actually never made it past the first.  We are feeling very frustrated at this time and fear we may need to higher an attorney to help advocate for our son.

I've also learned of a support group in our hometown.  The group meets once a month and I decided to visit them this month.  I found it to be a warm group with many experienced parents.  This months topic was on household toxins (found in food, cosmetics, water and household items).  Although I've been trying to educate myself in these areas since Cam began treatment, I learned MANY new things at the meeting, including the possible link between Cameron tremendously high levels of Titanium (which until now the doctors had no explanation for) and sunscreen (which contains Titanium Dioxide).  Since we have been able to rule out all other potential causes we now believe that Cam's body has been holding on to all of the Titanium in his sunscreen (which I have always applied every hour on the hour to my fair skinned children like a good mommy).

Cameron had his fifth birthday party this month (a few days before his Feb 1 birthday).  As our first born turns five, I find myself grieving for us and him.  I grieve because we are not where I had always imagined we would be when our eldest child turned five (still potty training, still teaching him how to speak and have a conversation, how to color, how to dress himself, etc).  I grieve for all of the years that Cameron has lost and we have lost with him.  Grieving that our child was stolen right out from under us with the help of the academy of pediatrics, powerful pharmaceutical companies and our own government.  Grieving because I know that millions other families have similarly had their children stolen and still more are fated to lose theirs if something isn't changed.  

Yet for all that I grieve, I also celebrate.  I celebrate all that Cameron has accomplished in the last year.  I celebrate that he can speak, he can jump, he can laugh, he can play appropriately with his little sister,  he can tell me he loves me and ask me to kiss his boo-boos.  I celebrate that our child is being returned to us.  Despite all of the obstacles that have been placed in his way, Cameron's incredible hard work, our determination and the guidance of his DAN practitioners are bringing our child back to us and the world back to him.  As the last day of January closes and our baby's 5th birthday emerges I say a prayer that Cameron and all affected children are returned to their families.


Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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