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Summer Vacation Ends

We've made it through summer and have landed into fall.  This was a very difficult summer, but Cameron is beginning to regain his footing finally in the last month.  Cameron's DAN! doctor (Dr Usman) had reworked his protocol in June.  Some things have made big differences for Cameron almost immediately, others will take more time as we have not yet been able to remove all of the mercury Cam was acutely exposed to at school last semester. 

Cam's finally sleeping again!  The solution ended up being so simple yet we never would have known what to do without the help of our DAN! doctor.  Since Cam's last mercury exposure he has had great difficulty sleeping.  He would wake up in the morning calm, but as the day progressed he would become more and more hyper until he was literally bouncing off the walls from 9pm onward.  Finally he would fall asleep between 1am-3am.  Our DAN! doctor explained that the body alkalizes when we are sleeping, but as the day progressed Cameron's body was becoming more and more acidic and this was resulting in the hyper and agitated symptoms we were witnessing.  She suggested to us to give him properly alkalized water (with a pH around 8) to drink between meals.  She told us that we could also give him a capsule filled with aluminum free baking soda to help alkalize him and that the Epsom salt and baking soda (aluminum free) baths would also be helpful in helping his body alkalize.  When we went shopping for water, we found that Figi brand water has a pH just under 8 and was easy for us to find as most grocery stores, drug stores and even some gas stations carry this brand.  Once we found Figi water, Cameron began creeping up his sleep schedule in the first week and returning it back to normal.  My husband joked that finding out what a $1.50 bottle of water could do for our son was worth whatever the doctor charged us that day!

We are homeschooling this year.  The kids, and especially Cameron, are really enjoying it.  I'm very surprised.  Cameron woke up the other morning, leapt out of bed and exclaimed "Let's do our schoolwork.  School is so much fun!"  So far, his only complaint has been that there has not been enough recess.  We are indeed very busy.  We have a workbook curriculum, an online computer curriculum as well as hands on supplemental projects.  The kids are also taking a local Art class, gymnastics class and hockey each week and a homeschool class at the Lego Education Center once a month.  Additionally, Megan has dance class each week, Cameron has speech therapy and both kids have physical therapy each week.

Except for being extremely tired (and having insomnia), I've been very happy with our decision to continue homeschooling this year.  I've been able to more closely monitor their educational progress (and stalemates) and how they are related to what is going on with them medically. I'm hopeful that we are going to be able to make great strides both medically and educationally this year.

The new chelator, OSR (Oxidative Stress Relief) was finally approved by the FDA.  We are scheduled to begin Cameron on OSR this month.  We recently halted all of his other chelation as his body began having more and more difficulty with the increasing amount of sulphur in some of his treatments.  We are hopeful that OSR will work even more efficiently and without so many side effects.  We also had to discontinue IV's for now as we work to find another local provider to administer the IV's.  This break from chelation has been rough, but hopefully it will not be for too long.

We are also headed to Vermont next week to meet with our new LLMD (Lyme Literate doctor).  We are adding this new doctor to our team to be our primary Lyme treatment doctor for the whole family.  We've met him at a conference in the past and are very excited to begin working with him.  Hopefully the next month will bring us a new plan and more forward progress for all of us.


Disclaimer:  The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be meant as medical advice.  Please consult a trusted and knowledgeable physician when making medical and treatment decisions.

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